Welcome to Aldex Chemical Company Ltd.

Located in Granby Quebec, Canada, Aldex manufactures top quality cation resins. The company was co-founded in 1976 by Albert Preuss and Mark Kurtz who remained partners in the company until Dr. Preuss passed away in February 2010. Mark Kurtz who has 45 years of experience in the water treatment industry is now managing the company and will guide it for the future. With his long partnership and friendship with Al Preuss, Mark plans to maintain the continuity of the company that they built together.

Aldex manufactures a series of cation exchange resins that meet the needs of a number of industries including low sodium cation exchange resins for power generation industries, ultrapure water applications for industries such as microelectronics and pharmaceuticals, as well as top performing resins for use in water softening — residential, commercial and industrial applications. Aldex water softening resins are available in standard performance and in premium, long life / high efficiency formulations. In addition, Aldex co-polymer beads are ideally suited as drilling industry lubricants and for lost wax process — investment casting.

Aldex distributes its resins worldwide primarily to OEMs and is proud of its long standing relationships with major equipment manufacturers.