Serving North American OEMs in power generation, water treatment, electronics and pharmaceutical manufacturing, drilling industry, and investment casting

Aldex Chemical: Manufacturers of high quality ion exchange resins since 1976

Our resins are manufactured without the use of chlorinated solvents, resulting in very low TOC. Aldex LS-Series low sodium resins set the industry standard for low organic chloride leakage.

Aldex Chemical has 34 years of experience manufacturing resins that consistently meet tight industry tolerances. As an industry leader, Aldex has fulfilled a major environmental goal of developing cutting-edge resins without the use of chlorinated solvents. Look to Aldex as your source for premium low sodium cation resins for use in both atomic and fossil fuel power generation as well as precision industries such as pharmaceuticals and semi-conductor / microelectronics. Our C-800 NH4 (LS) and C-800H (LS) products provide outstanding performance in the power generation industry. Because of non-solvent sulfonation and proprietary manufacturing processes, they have no organic chloride leakage. Our C-800 and C-800F for use in potable water applications, are NSF/ANSI 61, NSF/ANSI 44 and NSF/ANSI 372 certified.

Our cation and ion exchange resins are distributed worldwide. Please contact us here.