ALDEX Stong Base Anion Series

NSR Strong Base Anion Macroporous Nitrate Selective Resin

Aldex NSR is a strong base anion exchange resin which is highly selective for nitrates over sulfates and other ions. Aldex NSR has a unique functional group that eliminates nitrate dumping even in the presence of high sulfates. Its resistance to nitrate dumping makes Aldex NSR superior in nitrate removal applications where sulfates are present compared to standard gellular or macroporous strong base anion resins.

Download Aldex NSR Strong Base Anion Macroporous Nitrate Selective Resin Technical Bulletin (PDF)

Physical Chemical Properties

Polymer Structure:S-DVB resin
Appearance:Opaque beads
Functional Group:N(CH3)3
Ionic Form as shipped:Chloride
Total Capacity, Cl form:0.85 to 0.95 eq/l (19.7 Kgr/ft3)
Moisture Content, Cl- form:51 to 57%
Mean Diameter:600 ± 100 μm
Uniformity Coefficient (max.):1.6 to 1.8
Specific Gravity:1.06 to 1.08
Shipping Weight (approx.):670 to 710 g/l (42-44 lbs/ft3)
Temp Limit, Cl- Form:100°C
pH limits, Stability:0 to 14

Typical Operating Conditions

Maximum Operating Temp.:175°F (80°C)
Resin bed Depth:24"(600 mm) minimum
Recommended Service Flow:1 to 4 gpm/ft3
Backwash Expansion:50 to 70%
Backwash Expansion Flow Rate
at 77ºF(25ºC):
1.6 to 2.5 gpm/ft2
Regeneration level:8 to10 lbs/cu.ft.
Regenerant concentration:8 to 12%
Regeneration time:20 to 60 minutes
Slow rinse flow rate:At regeneration flow rate
Fast rinse flow rate:At service flow rate
Rinse Volume:
Influent Limitations
15 to 50 gal/ft3
Free Chlorine:Not traceable
Turbidity:Less than 2 N.T.U
Iron and Heavy metals:Less than 0.1 ppm


Aldex NSR is often selected when chromatographic dumping of nitrates must be avoided at all cost. Due to its unique functional group Aldex NSR will provide the highest operating capacity possible of any selective resin. Further, water processed using Aldex NSR will be able to meet EC as well as North American guidelines for potable water.

NSR Features

Very Low Color, Taste or Odor

Aldex NSR meets the requirements for paragraph 173.25 of the Food Additive Regulation of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Long Life

Strong and durable beads insure long service life.


Aldex Chemical has over 34 years of field usage by thousands of customers demonstrates the reliability of Aldex ion exchange resins, zeolites and other water treatment media.

Safety Information

A material safety data sheet is available for Aldex NSR. Copies can be obtained from Aldex Chemical Co., LTD. Aldex NSR is not a hazardous product and is not WHMIS controlled.

Caution: Acidic and basic regenerant solutions are corrosive and should be handled in a manner that will prevent eye and skin contact. Before using strong oxidizing agents in contact with ion exchange resin, consult sources knowledgeable in the handling of these materials.

These suggestions and data are based on information we believe to be reliable. They are offered in good faith. However, we do not make any guarantee or warranty. We caution against using these products in an unsafe manner or in violation of any patents. Further, we assume no liability for the consequences of such actions.