Aldex IR-01 Insert Resin

ALDEX Inert Resin Series

IR-01 Insert Resin

Aldex IR-01 resin is an industrial grade inert polymer with a specific gravity lower than that of water. This allows the Aldex IR-01 resin the ability to float on the surface of the ion exchange resin bed. It has been developed for use as an upper layer in upflow operated ion exchange systems, such as floating beds.

Download Aldex IR-01 Technical Bulletin (PDF)
Download Aldex IR-01 Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

Physical Chemical Properties

Polymer Structure: Polypropylene
Physical Form: Colorless, translucent
uniform cylinders
Physical Characteristics:Hard, attrition resistant
Particle Size:1.2 to 1.5 mm diameter
1.3 to 1.7 mm length
Specific Gravity:.90
Shipping Weight: 500 to 580 g/L

Recommended Operating Conditions

Maximum Temperature:212 °F (100°C)
Bed Depth:150 mm


Aldex IR-01 resin is suitable for industrial applications.

Floating Beds

Aldex IR-01 was developed for use in floating beds, totally or partially compacted, with upflow service runs.

Conventional Beds

Aldex IR-01 can also be used in conventional beds, with downflow service and upflow regeneration.

In both applications above, the resin is used as an upper layer to prevent the finer active resin from blocking the strainers. This layer also improves the distribution of collection of water or regeneration above the resin bed.

Safety Information

A material safety data sheet is available for Aldex IR-01. Copies can be obtained from Aldex Chemical Co., LTD. Aldex IR-01 is not a hazardous product and is not WHMIS controlled.

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