Weak Acid Cation Series

CR 29 Weak Acid Cation

Aldex CR 29 is an extremely durable macroporous resin containing iminodiacitic acid groups to polystyrene copolymer matrix. Aldex CR 29 is recommended for the ultra purification of brine required in the chloro-alkali industry deploying membrane cell process. Its high porosity and larger surface area gives higher operating capacities.

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Physical Chemical Properties

Polymer Structure: Macroporous, cross-linked polystyrene
Functional Group:Iminodiacetic acid
Ionic Form as Shipped:Sodium
Physical Form:Moist spherical beads
Particle Size (95% minimum):0.3 to 1.2 mm
pH Range:9 to 11
Moisture Content:50% maximum
Solubility:Insoluble in all common solvents
Backwash settled density:720 to 790 g/liter
Swelling (approx):H+ to Na+ 35%
Thermal Stability:80ºC
Total Capacity (H+):2.0 meq/ml

Backwash Characteristics



Safety Information

A material safety data sheet is available for Aldex CR 29. Copies can be obtained from Aldex Chemical Co., LTD. Aldex CR 29 is not a hazardous product and is not WHMIS controlled.

Caution: Acidic and basic regenerant solutions are corrosive and should be handled in a manner that will prevent eye and skin contact. Before using strong oxidizing agents in contact with ion exchange resin, consult sources knowledgeable in the handling of these materials.