Aldex OSM Series

Aldex OSM (One Step Media) Hardness, Tannins, Fe, Mn, H2S Removal

Aldex OSM filtration media was specially designed as a universal media for removal of the most common contaminants found in potable water. There are many treatment options on the market but none has the unique ability to offer the high capacity and long life of Aldex OSM multi-component water treatment media.

Download Aldex OSM Cut Sheet (PDF)

Benefits of Aldex OSM

Blended for the North American Market

Aldex OSM is a blended product tailored to the North American market where the vast majority of installed systems are operated using a cocurrent design. Aldex OSM is comprehensive by design with the exception of underbedding. While coarse sand or gravel is commonly used the option is left to the installer as to which under-bedding is best for support and distribution.

Similarly, since there are virtually no packed bed residential systems and very few commercial packed bed systems operating in North America, Aldex OSM contains no floating resin. Aldex OSM uses no volume-filling inert plastic bead (as many companies do) but includes ion exchange resins able to remove hardness, tannins, iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide.


Aldex OSM Features


Aldex OSM contains a significant percentage of a high capacity, uniform particle size strong acid cation softening resin.


Aldex OSM contains a chelation media able to oxidize metals in solution. The resulting metal-oxide nanoparticles are then trapped in the resin bed. The metal-oxide nanoparticles are then removed with each regeneration while the chemical locked inside the ion exchange is recharged for the next service cycle.

Hydrogen sulfide

The same chelation media that oxidizes metals in solution also oxidizes hydrogen sulfide, removing it in the same manner as the removal of metals.

Organics, tannins and lignins

Multiple media are included in Aldex OSM in order to address the wide range of organics found in North American waters. Organics, tannins and lignins can be difficult to remove but Aldex OSM is designed to accomplish this task.


All resins are regenerated with a standard 10% brine solution.

Working media

All components have measurable ion exchange capacity making every component a “working media”.