Dr. Albert Preuss

Aldex Co-Founder and President for more than 34 years:

Dr. Albert Preuss

Aldex Chemical Company, Ltd.
President and Co-founder

Dr. Albert Preuss was born in the rural midwest of the United States and earned his doctorate in chemistry at the University of Wisconsin in 1953. In the following years, he was heavily involved in the ion exchange resin industry. During careers at Rohm & Haas as well as Sybron, Dr. Preuss worked in collaboration with noted ion exchange researcher Dr. Robert Kunin on the development of several ion exchange resins that are still on the market today. Dr. Preuss also developed the proprietary process used in the manufacturing of the Aldex LS series of high performance low sodium resins.

It was in 1976 that Dr. Preuss formed Aldex with partner Mark Kurtz. Together they built the Aldex plant in Granby, QC. Albert and Mark remained partners until Dr. Preuss passed away in February 2010. After 34 years Aldex continues to run three shifts to meet demand for its products.