Welcome to Aldex Chemical Company Ltd.

Located in Granby, Quebec Canada Aldex Chemical Company Limited has over 40 years of experience manufacturing top quality strong acid cation resins that consistently meet tight industry tolerances. As an industry leader, Aldex has fulfilled a major environmental goal of developing cutting-edge resins without the use of chlorinated solvents. Since inception, Aldex has used a proprietary non-solvent manufacturing process.

Aldex manufactures a series of cation exchange resins that meet the needs of a number of industries including low sodium cation exchange resins, C-800 NH4 (LS) and C-800H (LS), used in nuclear and fossil power generation facilities as well as ultrapure water applications such as microelectronics, pharmaceuticals and portable exchange deionization. Aldex also produces a suite of top performing resins for use in water softening — residential, commercial and industrial applications. Aldex water softening resins are available in standard performance and in premium, long life / high efficiency formulations. Aldex non-solvent C-800 and C-800F resins are extensively used in potable water applications and are NSF/ANSI 61, NSF/ANSI 44, NSF/ANSI 372 certified and Water Quality Association (WQA) Gold Seal certified.

Of course, to manufacture premium grade resins that are the cleanest in the industry you must start with exceptionally clean styrene-divinylbenzene (S-DVB) copolymer beads. AC Polymers produces those copolymer beads exclusively for Aldex Chemical at the most modern copolymer plant in the world located in Byhalia, Mississippi. AC Polymers only uses raw materials manufactured in United States to produce a variety of S-DVB copolymers covering a broad spectrum of DVB levels and particle sizes.

Whether you’re looking for coarse copolymer beads unique to the oil & gas sector or ultra-fine, ultra-clean spherical beads for investment casting or standard size copolymer that will be converted into strong acid cation resins, AC Polymers is uniquely situated to provide those products.

Look to Aldex as your source for premium low sodium cation resins for use in power generation and precision industries such as pharmaceuticals, semi-conductor and microelectronics. Our products are distributed worldwide and for more information on Aldex Chemical or AC Polymers, please contact us here.